Atlas of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery

Primary Repair of Facial Injuries

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ISBN/EAN: 9781447128540
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Umfang: XI, 831 S., 80 s/w Illustr., 1149 farbige Illustr.
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Inhaltsangabe1. Initial Considerations: High- vs. Low-Energy Injuries and the Implications of Coexisting Multiple Injuries.- 2. Timing Repair and Airway Considerations.- 3. Useful "First Aid" Measures and A Few Basic Techniques.- 4. Principles of Fracture Management.- 5. Injuries to Teeth and Supporting Structures.- 6. Mandibular Fractures.- 7. Fractures of the Middle Third of the Facial Skeleton.- 8. Fractures of the Cheek: Zygomaticomaxillary Complex.- 9. Orbital Fractures.- 10. Nasal Fractures.- 11. Nasoethmoid (Naso-Orbital-Ethmoid): NOE Fractures.- 12. Panfacial Fractures.- 13. The Coronal Flap.- 14. Soft Tissue Injuries.- 15. Ballistic Injuries.- 16. Craniofacial Fractures and the Frontal Sinus.- 17. Is this Right? On-Table Assessment of Our Repair.- 18. Some Useful Adjuncts in Repair.- 19. Aftercare and Follow-up.